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Chris Heathcote.
38, male.
Gay, single.
Born in England, lived in Helsinki for a few years, now back in London.

Gonzo interaction design.
Mobile phones.

my life in web services

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Citizen Kane / Spongebob Squarepants / Hitchcock / Kids in the Hall / Haruki Murakami / the KLF / Lartigue / The Physiology of Taste / Jonathan Meades / Reeves & Mortimer / Patrick Keiller / William S Burroughs / Hunter S Thompson / Chris Marker / Henry Rollins / Bruce Neuman / Olafur Eliasson / Jacques Tati / Akram Khan / Pina Bausch / Ryoji Ikeda

presentations and talks

Typography on GOV.UK, Ampersand, Brighton, 2014.
Radiators, letterboxes, cuckoo clocks and cars: the new computing, UX London, 2013.
Apps are just the tip of the iceberg, UIKonf, Berlin, 2013.
Authenticity and trust on the Internet, NEXT, Berlin, 2012. (video)
The future will be confusing, Do Lectures, Wales, 2012. (video)
Urban screens, Picnic, Amsterdam, 2011.
Sketching in food, Interesting 2011, London.
Ubicomp & new new media, London IA, 2011.
The invisible communities, LIFT, Geneva, 2011. (video)
Understanding new media, Design of Understanding, London, 2011.
Microbes I have known and loved, Fire & Knives Mixed Grill, London, 2011.
Urban computing, Planningness, New York, 2010.
Maps, books, spimes, paper: Post-digital media design, SXSWi 2010.
Context, data, and metadata, Futuresonic, 2008.
The future of social networking panel, Futuresonic, 2008.
Ubiquity of media, Manchester Digital, 2008.
Eggs, bacon, chips and beans for the 21st century, Interesting 2007, London. (video)
Small / far away; proximity and NFC, NordiCHI touch workshop, Oslo, 2006.
My Life Has Value! Making Sense of Public and Private Data on the Internet, EuroOSCON, Brussels, 2006.
Getting people to make things (real things!), foocamp, Sebastapol, 2006.
A mobile Internet manifesto, Reboot8, Copenhagen, 2006.
Personalisation, Design Engaged, Berlin, 2005.
DIY! The Impact of the Pro-am Revolution on the Design Industry panel, Helsinki Design Week, 2005.
Social computing panel, Technology Review Emerging Technology, MIT, Boston, 2005.
Tangible computing remix, Reboot 7.0, Copenhagen, 2005.
Tangible computing, Emerging Technology 2005, San Diego.
Location location location, Design Engaged, Amsterdam, 2004.
RFID and NFC, Eurofoo, the Netherlands, 2004.
Exhibitionists and Voyeurs, International Symposium on Electronic Arts 2004, Helsinki.
Intangibility, risome, University of Surrey, 2004.
The forgotten role of humans in collaborative cartography, locative media workshop, Mobile Connections/Futuresonic, Manchester, 2004.
Geowarchalking, ConconUK, London, 2004.
35 ways to find your location, Emerging Technology 2004, San Diego.


Contributor to Google Maps Hacks, O’Reilly, 2006.
On Mobile Handset Usability and Design, OK-Cancel, March 2005.
Contributor to Mapping Hacks, O’Reilly, 2005.
I turned the exhibitionists and voyeurs presentation into a paper for the (never published?) proceedings of ISEA2004.


robotic engineer
Perl programmer
UNIX systems administrator
tech support
HTML coder
project manager
account handler
digital planner
interaction designer
customer experience manager
product experience manager
user experience manager
senior experience specialist
head of portfolio
design consultant
creative technologist

creative lead


Head New Media
Unorthodox Styles
meta loca
Dentsu London

Government Digital Service


I write for me, not for them.