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Chris Heathcote: anti-mega: Modulor

Modulor · 7. May 2013, 22:46

Last week, when I was in Berlin, Matt casually mentioned Modulor. “It’s like London Graphics Centre meets B&Q.”

When I realised I was walking past it, I went in. It’s all that and more: the good bits of magma, John Lewis, 4D model shop, Paperchase, anywhere crafty. And all carefully but casually laid out. You can have all kinds of material cut to order; there’s a sewing studio. I picked up some very fine whiteboard markers and static-cling post-its.

It made me a little sad – I’d always told myself that something like Tokyu Hands just wouldn’t work in Europe, but here it is, so useful and inspiring.

One thing quickly pulls us back into European reality:

Modulor fail. Printer supplies section closed on Saturdays. WTF.

— Boris Anthony (@Bopuc) May 4, 2013

Anyway. When in Berlin, go.

Modulor, Prinzenstr. 85, Berlin. U-bahn Moritzplatz.


And if you’re in Barcelona check out Servei Estacio

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