others, elsewhere, waving · 27. February 2013, 00:18

This is great, partly because it’s rare to see the design/product process in public for such a project, but also because it’s a latent need I’ve seen in every job I’ve had. I’ve mainly worked in large corporations, where teams are all working together but often with others, remotely located; I mean, sometimes on another floor, sometimes in another city, sometimes 8 timezones away. A need that’s never been scratched, with corporate IT providing overbooked, expensive videoconferencing when everyone just wanted to use Skype.

Smart things are often proposed to connect people and teams, but they’re always overwrought and overthought (or wisened and abandoned like most intranets). Just showing what’s going on, elsewhere, elsetime, is what’s needed to connect. So something like Polarbear, on 24/7, gives enough personal and emotional connection to continue conversations and teamwork when physically apart.

Somehow reminds me of the BBC penguins too.