the future will be confusing · 3. May 2012, 22:45

Here’s the talk I gave last week at the (very wonderful) Do Lectures

A few things I probably didn’t stress enough (and I got known as the DNA guy due to my talk, but there’s more to it than that):

Honestly, if your business isn’t considering how computation changes things, you’re toast – especially those industries that haven’t traditionally been computerised or modernised.

Genetic testing will not be optional very soon in the future – doctors and specialists will need your genetic data to make medical decisions (especially about treatment and drugs). Whether or not you analyse the rest of your results is between you and your doctor.

23andme is a very bare-bones service – it could really do with a layer of genetic counselling or intepretation of your data. Unless you’re pretty conversant with genetics and statistics, the numbers and results are pretty meaningless.

As an individual – if you don’t have literacy with science or technology, you’re at a disadvantage. I may not go quite as far as Program Or Be Programmed, but it’s definitely no longer funny to laugh away lack of technical prowess. Technology directly affects lives every moment and every decision, and unless you understand what and how the technology works, and who and why they are using it, you’re being blindly led.

Anyway. Other news.

Last week I also left Dentsu London (now mcgarrybowen) and this week I started at the Government Digital Service. Big hard problems to solve, working very close to the code. Enjoying it a lot.

Next week, Next 12 in Berlin…


Yes! to all the stuff about data and taking control of the interpretation layers.

And congrats on the move. Really looking forward to seeing the public sector show tired old megacorps how service-at-scale should be done :)

Matt    4.05.12    #

Here’s to big hard code-proximate problems. Good luck & best wishes!

Dave    11.05.12    #