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Chris Heathcote: anti-mega: Stratford 2031

Stratford 2031 · 23. November 2011, 21:48

If you walk round Westfield Shopping City, you’re struck by the odd design: a curve in a rectangle that abruptly stops, and several spokes linking to a weird outside bit with lots of shops wondering why there’s no footfall.

There can only be one explanation: they’ll keep building until the circle is complete.

Stratford 2031

There’s just about room. The Aquatics Centre will need to be relocated/demolished, but that’s fine, it’s been strictly for the fish for years.

A 1.5km circle; over 10km of shops. 1500 in fact – including 4 “compass” Starbucks (not including roaming franchised coffeebots). Infinite mall.


I’ll add that Westfield are already claiming 7 miles of walking in the original mall (not quite sure how they worked it out) – which would mean well over 35 miles of walking possible in the complete circular mall.

Chris    23.11.11    #

The British LHC, a syncrotron in the basement of a shopping mall

Dan W    24.11.11    #

The arc is about 0.25 miles, the spokes are about 0.12 miles – that gives a potential 0.61 miles. Double that for both sides of shops for 1.2 miles and if there’s five floors (it didn’t seem like there was…) that’s your 7 miles.

I might have to pedometer it one weekend, see what gives.

rjp    24.11.11    #