usquebae · 20. October 2008, 11:24

12:00 <@ChrisDodo> eeep. I have just bought a bottle of whisky that has its own flickr account.
12:00 <@jerakeen> does that count as a spime, or just annoying marketing?
12:00 <@ChrisDodo> it certainly has a story.
12:01 <@jerakeen> you have to admit, a slide saying 'IT'S A TALKING BOTTLE OF WHISKY' 
                  is going to get a different reaction from the shoe one.
12:01 <@ChrisDodo>
12:01 <+mind> [ Flickr: Glenfiddich cask 4414's Photostream ] 
12:01 <@jerakeen> IT'S MY ONLY FRIEND
12:01 <@ChrisDodo> and yes, i am a sucker buying whisky the same year i was born
12:01 <@ChrisDodo> dammit, there's a blog post in that

with apologies to Russell and Tom

So here it is. I think Glenfiddich have done a very good job talking about this whisky. In June, they held a tasting to select the best barrel, which was videoed and put on their website. It’s a no-nonsense undumbed-down half hour discussing the dilemma of what makes the ‘best’ whisky, and gives a clear understanding of why it’s both an interesting whisky and representative of Glenfiddich. It’s a nice example of pre-experience design: reading about the process of selection and watching the tasting will alter my experience of both buying and tasting the whisky.

We know the history of the cask, how it was made, what it’s been filled with, and seen the result, the selection, and the craftsmanship of distillery. We know what it tastes like, and what others think. I’m sure more digital detritus will be left as people receive their bottles. So, it’s a spime, vaguely. I used to be very adamant that the data should reside in the object itself, rather than in the messy Internet. I’m changing my mind on this. With simple tools like Google search, information of all kinds can be revealed easily, and the connecting story has to be reconstructed personally.


It all began with Maker’s Mark, I think, as a real long-now strategy: you share a cask with a dozen other people, get annual tchotchkes, and seven years later, get the chance to buy a couple of bottles from it.

A friend once talked about ‘malt whisky futures’, and how it’s a long bet in the barrel. Now, you can turn that long-haul into a relationship. (And I just saw that a reopened distillery is now taking orders on bottles from the first six casks, all different woods.)

An edition of 482 bottles, though, is pretty special: what’s your number?

nick s    21.10.08    #

The Internet of Booze!

(Also: I love single cask whiskies, and if you’ve never been to the Glenfiddich distillery, go!)

James    21.10.08    #

Not to sully this high-talk with work talk, but we’ve been considering doing a in-boxing video – what it takes and how decisions are made for what goes into the box and how the box is made. Un-boxing videos are so popular, but, chris, you hit it on the head why in-boxing videos are so interesting.

(indeed, ‘origin’ stories of products are so easy to do, since it’s all there. would love to see more.)

charlie    23.10.08    #

Thanks for the link. The ‘fiddich 1977 is a great little dram.


Joel H    23.10.08    #