(tv) play · 30. July 2006, 00:04

One trend I’ve missed whilst away from the UK – the preponderance of TV quiz programmes. They’re noticeably different from the Finnish versions (SMS and computer based) and the German style (far less glitz and orange presenters). At one point there were three channels showing this rubbish.


One puzzle in particular baffled me. The obvious answers are 25 or 29, less obvious are 44 and 20. It wasn’t any of these – if anyone can tell me what the winning answer for this is, it would be appreciated.

baffling itv play puzzle


there are a couple of alternative answers – 15 or 11 (only adding the sums of the products of the two equations that use numbers rather than words)

matlock    1.08.06    #

“Add the numbers” – if you take that literally it could be 4+3+2+6+5 = 20

dave    4.08.06    #

the winner is the company getting the premium rate calls from the probably depressingly large portion of the population thick enough to phone in.

hmmm    5.08.06    #