running, running · 24. August 2004, 23:16

I’m frazzled. A very busy period at work coincided with running around Europe, giving presentations on all kinds of subjects. Eurofoo was fun, mainly for the friends old and new I met. Too many to list; it was great to finally meet Jarkko and Elaine (even though I only live a few blocks from them), and other Finns including Alex Nieminen and Herkko Hietanen (and his amazing Russian vodka). Talks were very Open Source focussed, not enough hardware for me. Where are the Europeans building real things? Did get to pick my first lock though. Makes me want to get coding and get soldering again. A few ideas knocking around my head for Etcon next year.

And I’ll reiterate an offer I made in the Open Source Usability talk: if you’re working on an Open Source project, and would like some interaction design input, please get in touch. Don’t expect complete designs for large projects (such as Mozilla or OpenOffice), although I can provide some usability testing and expert review of such projects. User centred design is a collaboration between designers and programmers, and as such both parties have to be open to suggestions.

What else? Got some Dutch deep fried snack food, one of my favourite delicacies. Reading some of the notes emerging from ISEA, I’m gutted to have missed some of the sessions. At least I got to catch up properly with Timo before he left. I’m still proud of the speech I gave – I sometimes think it’s a lot harder to push this discipline forward than something like programming, and it’s good to create some work that people seem to find relevant. In other news, some of the work I did at Orange, working with the lovely people at Iconmobile, is finally being released (the home screen design here – admittedly on a phone and platform I’m not too enamoured with, and seemingly not completely implemented).

Today I went to Nokia.