Tati goes to Britain, kinda · 25.08.15

a nation conveniently small · 25.08.15

In the variety of surface, Britain is a miniature of Europe, having plain, forest, marsh, river, sea-shore; mines in Cornwall; caves in Matlock and Derbyshire; delicious landscape in Dovedale, delicious sea-view at Tor Bay, Highlands in Scotland, Snowdon in Wales; and, in Westmoreland and Cumberland, a pocket Switzerland, in which the lakes and mountains are on a sufficient scale to fill the eye and touch the imagination. It is a nation conveniently small.

English traits, Ralph Waldo Emerson, 1856.

the price of fish · 30.04.15

skate wing + mashed potato

A super-sized skate wing at J Sheekey’s, some time in 2007. It was probably 25 or 30 quid then. Now it’s £40-50.

Two Fat Ladies at the Buttery

A skate at Two Fat Ladies in Glasgow last summer. £25, and one of the most hilariously terrible meals I’ve had in a while. But that’s a story for another time.

Soho, 2015. A whole (if smaller than Sheekey’s) skate, cooked perfectly, £12 at Rex & Mariano. A steal. Go, and have a load of the Sicilian prawns whilst you’re there too.